Kroscienko nad Dunajcem is a little jewel of a town located in a valley surrounded by the river Dunajec and three stunning ranges of mountains (Pieniny, Gorce, and Beskid Sadecki). Therefore, it’s not surprising that Kroscienko nad Dunajcem is popular throughout the year as a tourist destination for a variety of visitors. All of these mountain ranges are havens for winter and summer recreation for many thousands of eager outdoor enthusiasts.

Kroscienko nad Dunajcem is also the final marina stop for the Dunajec River Gorge Canoe route. These trips take place daily during the warm seasons and last approximately 2-3 hours. The gorge is characterized by breath taking views and is featured on UNESCO's Tentative List of World Heritage Sites in Poland.

If you are into physical wellbeing you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to mountain trails. The most popular one is the summit of the Trzy Korony or Three Crowns. The Trzy Korony summit observation deck hangs over a 500 metres (1,600 ft) precipice, with a near perfect view of the Dunajec river gorge and the vast area of the Pieniny National Park, the Tatra Mountains, Beskid Sądecki, Gorce Mountains and Beskid Żywiecki. In good weather one can see as far as Babia Gora, 63 km away.

Trzy Korony summit can be reached by several color marked trails ascending from different local towns such as Szczawnica, Krościenko nad Dunajcem, Czorsztyn and Sromowce Wyżne.

The other summits we recommend are

- Sokolica
- Homole Natural Reserve Gorge in Jaworki

All of the above trails will test your physical endurance and expose you to an amazing ecological experience of breath taking views, crystal clear spring waters, fresh mountain air, wildlife, forest flora, and so much more...

For those of you who prefer to cycle you have a choice of five trails with different degrees of difficulty and duration.

For those of you who enjoy water sports or simply sun bathing on a yacht while enjoying a glass of chilled Polish beer we recommend

- Dunajec River Gorge canoe trips, kayaking, rafting, & fishing.
- Czorsztyn lake swimming, kayaking, sailing, water cycling, surfing, gondola and boat cruises

Skiing and snowboarding fans will be spoilt with the selection of ski trails and lifts

- Palenica in Szczawnica
- Skiing facility in Jaworki
- Czorsztyn Ski in Kluszkowce
- Polana Sosny in Niedzica
- Stajkowa in Kroscienko nad Dunajcem

Culture and history enthusiasts will enjoy visiting and admiring the local three Dunajec river castles

- Pieniny Castle in Kroscienko nad Dunajcem
- Niedzica Castle
- Czorsztyn Castle

In addition to the above we recommend visiting

- The Pieniny National Park Museum located on Jagiellońska Street 107b in Kroscienko nad Dunajcem.
- The old manor house of the Dziewolski Family (last owners of Krościenko)
- Monumental buildings in the town square

For our spiritual enthusiasts we recommend visiting

- The baroque All Saints Church from the 14th century
- The Good Shepherd Church with the remains of Father Franciszek Blachnicki
- Chapels of
    - Saint Roch 1710–-1723
    - Transfiguration of Christ
    - Saint Kinga
- Litmanova in Slovakia
- The medieval Czerwony Klasztor or Red Monastery in Slovakia

Kroscienko has three (Stefan, Michalina, and Maria) naturally occurring mineral water springs with a content of CO2 exceeding 1000 mg/dm3.

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